Time Sketch 4: Towards the Future (Time Moving on Your Watch)

The “moving on your watch thing” above is a pun — like, “watch” as in watching out for it, but also a watch.

This is a sketch that looks forward a little bit past the midterm; I’d definitely like to build a physical thing (perhaps a clock), so I was getting back into the groove of programming through the Arduino interface.

The idea of this sketch is that time will only move when you are paying attention to it (I know Aidan and Youngmin had a similar idea, but I promise this is convergent evolution — I think it’s kind of an easy thing to think about after Rovelli).

Anyway, as opposed to a full-fledged wall clock or something you put on your bedstand or such, I had the idea of a watch, mostly because the Arduino I’ve used most often is the nano, which is quite small.

I used the Arduino’s built-in accelerometer to detect what position it was in, and in combination with the Time library I made it increment seconds while the y value was less than -0.7 — the same position someone would check their watch in. : ) And that, as they say, is that.