Population Infinite: Auto Song-Sender

I spent a fair amount of time wondering how I could obfuscate myself online. The fact of the matter is I’ve already undertaken steps to try and minimize my online presence, mostly by deleting or otherwise deactivating all of my social media. That being said, there is something I do quite often online, which is share music with my friends. So, I made a program that shares songs from my Spotify to my friend group on Messenger (yes, I agree, I shouldn’t be using Messenger, but it works in the browser…). Since this deals with personal data, I have a heavily edited video available (note: I am not a good video editor).

Seems pretty straightforward —it goes to Spotify, selects a random song from my Discover Weekly (so there’ll always be new songs), and posts the link onto my friend chat in Messenger. My favorite part is that after pasting the song link it types out one of a few pre-rendered things I might say when sending a song, just so nobody get suspicious.

You can find the small amount of code involved here. Obviously I haven’t committed my emails and passwords; if you want to try it out, put them in a dotenv. : )